Susan M Hansen

100 Rosewood Road

Rocky Point, NY 11778

(631) 744-5107



December 5th, 2005



To:       Jack O’Connor

Cc:       The Riverhead Town Board

            Calverton Zoo & Animal Sanctuary mailing list


Enclosed is a copy of the Calverton Zoo & Animal Sanctuary Business Plan.


There is one point worth clarifying.

This is not the same proposal that was presented to the RDC or anyone else several years ago.

That plan was from a different group with a different idea.


This proposal recommends that Riverhead lease the land, thereby maintaining control and ownership. Some of the key features include:


  • It suggests leasing the land (300 acres) for approx. $600,000/year.
    - This will enable the town to maintain complete control yet still generate revenue.
    - The money necessary to develop the land will come from fundraising and not rely on taxpayer support.
    - It provides a “safety net.” If the plan fails for any reason, either initially or 20 years from now, the town will still have what it started with: the land.
  • It does not require the entire 755 acres, thus leaving acreage for other uses, further diversification and possible sale.
  • It does not consume the runway, which can be banked for Riverhead’s future.
  • It is a recreational use that will appeal to all residents, particularly children and families.
  • It is a recreational use that puts “Riverhead First” – not those with money to spend on green fees, houses, horses, boats and water skis$$$.


An online copy is available at for easy access to any and all interested parties.


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.







Susan M Hansen