Letters To The Editor
Publication The News-Review
Date July 28, 2005
Section(s) Letters

Let reason prevail

Rocky Point

To the Editor:

Bravo! Voices of reason! It was reassuring to read last week's letters to the editor ("What's going on here?" and "Shades of stadium fiasco," July 21) regarding EPCAL. Of particular interest was the observation that "this is too big a transaction to leave to the discretion of one person." Actually, it's too big a transaction to leave to the discretion of five people -- or three technically, when you consider the Town Board majority.

We have "qualified and eligible sponsor requirements" to determine if a buyer has the cash. We have "environmental impact studies" to rezone land from recreational to industrial. But where is the study to evaluate what the people really want?

Well, there was the reuse plan in 1996, a collaborative effort by hundreds of Riverhead community members, public officials and businesses to plan the development of EPCAL. For better or worse, it appears that the statute of limitations has passed.

What happens at EPCAL is huge with ramifications that will last well into the future. The land belongs to the people of Riverhead. Their voices should be heard. The decision should be theirs. The Town Board needs to recognize this and empower the community, somehow, before wielding their authority.

Susan Hansen

P.S. I am still an advocate of establishing a 300-acre zoo and animal sanctuary on Long Island, preferably EPCAL. A business plan was submitted to the Riverhead Town Board, the RDC and Steve Levy in April (see www.calvertonzoo.com for details).