Letters To The Editor
Publication The News-Review
Date September 15, 2005
Section(s) Letters

While Wilpon laughs

Rocky Point

To the Editor:

In last week's "Equal Time" column ("Saying so will not make it so," Sept. 1), Supervisor Cardinale criticized his opponent, Town Board member Ed Densieski, claiming that the Wilpon project at EPCAL is not a housing project.

Well, you can argue what the Wilpon deal is or is not until the cows come home. Your position on the issue, pro or con, will determine the label you give it. Either way, it will be based on your opinion. I believe a News-Review editorial (3/3/05) said it best: "This is a thinly veiled grab for residential development at EPCAL, and we believe the Town Board would be foolish to fall for it." That was the writer's opinion and it is mine as well.

But consider the response given by Mr. Wilpon himself, when asked by Mr. Densieski if the project could go forward without housing. What was his reply? Did he respond unequivocally? Did he hesitate? Did he answer with qualification? No. He laughed. He laughed! And that is a fact.

Mr. Cardinale stated, "My opponent consistently designates as 'residential units' what in fact are golf cottages...". Are they, "in fact," golf cottages? Sounds like semantics to me. You decide. But Mr. Wilpon's attorney did state that he will agree by covenant not to sell the hotel units or villas as condos for 20 years. And that is a "fact."

In his closing paragraph, Supervisor Cardinale stated, "The balance of the Town Board has correctly concluded that the best interests of our town demand that the Wilpon proposal be ... permitted to develop into a binding contractual agreement."

"Correctly concluded ... the best interests...?" Is that a fact? Mr. Cardinale ... saying so will not make it so.

No one knows what is in the best interest of the town. It's one opinion vs. another. As a public servant, the best you can do is to carry out the will of the people. And if you want to correctly conclude what that is, ask them. Have a referendum. They will tell you what they want. And that is a "fact."

Sue Hansen

P.S. I am still an advocate of establishing a 300-acre zoo and animal sanctuary on Long Island, preferably at EPCAL. See www.calvertonzoo.com for details.