Town Hall Notes
Publication The News-Review
Date December 08, 2005

The deadline for requests for proposals for the recreational portion of the Calverton Enterprise Park was yesterday, after presstime, but one proposal is already in.

Rocky Point resident Sue Hansen has presented a plan to the town to put a zoo and animal sanctuary at the Calverton site. Ms. Hansen said the new plan suggests leasing 300 acres from the town for $600,000 per year, while holding fund-raisers to pay for the cost of developing the project. Ms. Hansen said her proposal, which is posted on her website,, doesn't require the use of the 7,000-foot runway and doesn't use up all of the recreational-zoned land.

Town officials expect developer Ken Wilpon as well as group called Calverton Resorts to resubmit earlier porposals they had made to buy land at Calverton for a hotel/golf resort with homes. Mr Wilpon had previously offered $66 million.